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Due to the fact that our dogs live in our home with us and breedings will be done with the goal of adding to our own program, the number of litters here will be limited. Sport homes will be given preference for any puppy that evaluates as a good prospect. Our goal is to produce puppies with the potential to compete in all breed sports, such as agility and rally, as well as racing and coursing. We will be taking care to maintain type and improve on conformation, for the sake of both performance and show.

Here at Laelaps, all litters will be raised with Puppy Culture. Prenatal care, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) are just a few of the ways puppies will get off to a great start. They will be heavily socialized with emphasis on problem-solving skills to give them the best possible chance at being confident, stable members of the breed and their new households. They will be exposed to common and not-so-common noises, sights, footing, textures, smells, people, dogs, other animals, and places.

We recommend a raw diet but we know it is not the easiest, cheapest, or most convenient way to feed. We feed our dogs Pro Plan Sport and supplement with raw but our puppies will be fed raw, multiple kibble formulas, and various wet food to hopefully avoid tummy troubles at the point of transition to your home. Our puppies will be treated for intestinal worms and coccidia starting at 6 weeks, every other week, up until the point that they leave. They will be vaccinated with NeoPar at 5 weeks and a 5-way at 7 and 10 weeks.

Purchasing from Laelaps means a relationship with us. We want updates on our puppies to know how they are doing throughout their life. We want to know if they've started a class for a sport or entered a trial/show/meet. It will never be a bother for you to reach out for the smallest thing. If you have a question or concern, please ask us! We love our dogs and want the best for them, even if they aren't in our home anymore.

Visit our Current Breedings page, or our Planned Breedings page. 

If you are interested in a currently available puppy or a puppy from an upcoming litter, please fill out our Application.


Siken Windhound Puppy Laelaps Hounds
Silken Windhound Puppy cat friendly Laelaps Hounds
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