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Laelaps Hounds​

Decatur, TX



We are a small Silken Windhound kennel in Texas.

Laelaps Hounds' goal is to produce physically sound athletes and emotionally resilient partners who adhere to the breed standard. Our dogs are health tested, titled and registered with ISWS and UKC.

Silken Windhounds are a relatively new breed, meeting the unfulfilled desire for a smaller, coated sighthound. You can read about their history here

Performance Silken Windhounds


Our dogs are in training for multiple sports, including flyball and agility. ​​Traditional sighthound sports are important to us, LGRA being our main focus, but as is a dog biddable and focused enough to compete in other areas. 



Proper structure is incredibly important in a performance dog. Our dogs regularly attend UKC shows and have attained their champion or grand champion titles. We participate in regional ISWS Specialties when available.​

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